Fresh 48


Fresh 48 sessions have a special place in my heart ever since I had my daughter last year. Those first few days with my baby girl were the most intense, blurry, emotional, happiest hours of my life. I love savoring those images from our time in the hospital when everything was brand new to my husband and I as parents and to our baby girl having just entered the world. We were trying to figure out the safest way to put on her first outfit, how to nurse, helping our niece and nephews hold our tiny baby, watching my parents see their daughter as a new mother. Like I said so many emotions and so many memories from those 48 hours in the hospital that I never want to forget.

I look back through the images we have and am just amazed at how much she has changed in just a couple months, then how much she’s changed in one year.

Your investment of $225 for your Fresh 48 session includes one hour of lifestyle shooting in your hospital room and hand edited images delivered to an online gallery that you get to keep for ten years.

I am honored to have you choose me to capture these intimate and tender moments with your new baby, watching your spouse become a parent and loving on your little together. Bringing life into this world is incredible and worthy of beautiful images to share with everyone you know.