As of late....

It's been quite a while since I sat down and did a blog so here it is! 

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and it seems like we will be seeing the baby before my due date of October 22nd! Thankfully my pregnancy has remained pretty chill, not the baby, baby has been very active! Just some aches and heartburn and acid reflux and a little bit of being uncomfortable at night! So overall pregnancy has treated me well this far! We had 2 baby showers, one in SC and one in Ohio at the end of August and beginning of September and here we are at the end of September already! Wow! 

I've got my hospital bag packed and diaper bag and car seat all ready to go for when baby comes! We had an ultrasound earlier this week and baby had it's hand up to it's face the entire time and the ultrasound tech said the baby had chubby cheeks (just gotta take her word for that lol) BUT we did get to see a little bit of the hair, it was waving around the amniotic fluid, it was so special to see that! We can't wait to see what baby Bradley will be and what he/she will look like?! I've got my camera completely charged and ready to go with us, so rest assured you will be seeing a ton of baby pictures once the babe comes!! I've been nesting and organizing and re organizing everything just trying to make it all work and be efficient once we get home and our lives are completely different! I just finished the ever popular 'What to Expect When Expecting' last night so I've got that done! haha Nick has been super busy working and doing some extra jobs on top of his regular 40 hour work week so it has been a very busy last 2 months. I'm so proud of him for being strong and continually learning and growing in his field! 

So on the photography side of things you guys might have seen my last few sessions (last sessions before baby) I was able to photograph a little doll for the giveaway I did at the beginning of 2017, and I had 2 Fresh 48 sessions witihin 2 days last week! Of course loved getting to see these new babes and photographing these special times after they have entered the world and are getting all these first snuggle in with mom and dad, and adorable little siblings! It was a lot of work for me and all at once (funny how that happens!) but I'm glad I was able to be there for these families and get them their beautiful images so I can relax and wait on our baby's arrival! 

Enjoy some photos below of this amazing sessions and I'll hopefully be back to blog about all things baby Bradley next time!