Pregnancy update & Adorable Ezra!

Hey everyone!! 

So this past week we got to spend time with family from Ohio and it was so fun, all the kids got to play with each other (and maybe fight a little) hahaha! But it was great seeing them and getting to snuggle little Ezra, he is 9 months, and he can sit up and do like an army crawl/twirl around in circles on his belly. Which is totally adorable! Go ahead and check out the photos below of little Ezra!!


Today I am 25 weeks pregnant and so far most everything has been great! I'm not going to lie I am tired and I have muscle aches but I think it will all be worth it! We have not found out the sex of the baby and do not plan to, so we've got the boy name and half the girl name picked out. Some days I feel like this is taking forever like how is this baby cooking this long (lol!) then others I look back to when I was just 4 weeks along and I'm like wow!! This baby has grown so so much and I love reading on the Bump app about what the baby can do every week and how big it's getting. So this week the baby is as big as cauliflower and can weigh up to 2.5 pounds! Yikes! I have no doubt that Baby B is up there at 2 pounds or more! On my last ultrasound at 20 weeks the baby was 1 ounce away from a pound and at my 24 week appointment my belly was measuring a week ahead. We have another ultrasound this week so hopefully they will tell us how big the baby is and if they can see any hair on the little noggin!! 

I did actually quit my job at that place that shall remain nameless- so I'm trying to do sessions and make blankets while I find another until this baby comes. We are at the beginning stages of planning my showers (one in South Carolina and one in Ohio). So keep a look out for that invite family and friends.  Nick is working super hard and being an amazing husband and daddy to be. I am so proud of him, I could not even begin to do the work that he does or the hours that he pulls. I am amazed at his strength and motivation. I love you babe! 

Well that's all that is going on here for now, just soaking up the rays at the pool when it's not raining and prepping for baby. Although I'm sure it wont hit me till we're at the hospital! 


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