20 Weeks Pregnant :)

Hey Friends!! 


This week I am 20 weeks pregnant!! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! 

We went to the Dr earlier this week and we had our appointment and our health ultrasound where they look at our little peanuts organs and bone formation. Everything looked great from what they saw, we will have another ultrasound later on to look at his or her heart more closely. 

Yes I said His or Her, because we are still not finding out the sex!! I'm actually surprised at myself for standing strong and not giving into finding out the gender. I really can't wait to be surprised when we see this baby's adorable face for the first time. We have picked out a boy and girl name, still working on the middle names but we have a little bit of time! 

Things have been pretty chill around here, hot hot weather and nice tans going around from spending time at the pool with my family!! 

I  am on a mission this summer to capture more images, whether on my professional equipment, phone or Go pro, I don't care I just want to be able to save these memories as we all grow and get older. I was thinking the other day when we were at the pool that I should have been bringing my Go pro here this whole time taking some fun shots and video. But I found out that the screen portion of our underwater housing leaks water. So I am correctly waiting on Fedex to drop off our new one haha

AND just in time for our first family June Birthday celebration this weekend, we are going ZenTubing in Asheville and  I think we are all pretty excited! We decided to collectively celebrate the June birthdays because 4 of my sisters are within 2 weeks. 

Hopefully you all saw my ad about the Mini- Mini sessions that I am offering this summer! 

You are not going to get a better deal, $60 for 25 minutes of shoot time and 3 digital images delivered to an online gallery, with the option to purchase other beautiful images from that session for $10 each!! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, our summer is filling up quickly with lots of fun plans!! And getting ready for our baby to arrive in the fall!! 

Have a great rest of your week and go do something fun and relaxing this summer!! 

-Carissa & Baby B



You can see a profile of our little peanut and wonderfully round noggin!!