<<< Our road trip from California to South Carolina >>>

Hey!! I finally got our pictures processed from the road trip out to SC. We went through quite a few states but we were so done with being in the car by the time we go to like Kansas. And we went through Ohio so we could see family and then we headed down to SC. We really enjoyed getting to see Vegas but I would rather see a new place than go back there. There was plenty of giant rocks in Utah so we spent an entire day there sight seeing and taking photos and hiking!! It was extremely dry out there so my nose was super dry and Nick even got a few nosebleeds form it. (once we got out this way we were fine!) We saw two friends while in Colorado, Nicks buddy from the Marine Corps and my friend from my very first job in Ohio. So glad we were able to spend time with them and see Denver! We upset some cows I think in Missouri because I wanted to take pictures on the side of the road and one cow gave us a death stare as we quickly pulled away!! We stayed with Nick's brother and sister-in-law when we got to Ohio, Nick scared our nephew so bad the first morning we were there. Poor kid is probably scarred from Nick! We had fun catching up and spending some much needed time with our families. 

We made it down to SC by October 1st and we were just so thrilled to not have to spend days in the car! 

Enjoy some of our photos below!!